Linux VPS India

Windows Versus Linux VPS

The world is becoming digital day by day. There is always a need to upgrade yourself in order to meet the growing business environment and the growing demand. The digital environment is constantly evolving and the digital space is growing with rapid pace. Digitization has led to the surge in demand of Virtual Private Servers. Businesses big or small want to make a permanent mark on the digital space. This digital presence is the driving force behind their growth. Today the market is full of options when it comes to selecting a good VPN. Businesses have their own unique requirement which needed to be fulfilled by these servers.


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A lot depends on the type of Operating Servers deployed by the Virtual Private Servers. The two most prevalent Operating systems are Linux VPS India and Windows. Here are the comparison parameters of the two that will help you to decide.

The cost factor: Linux VPS India is a free OS that is available online for all. You can it install on a number of systems without any extra cost. But Windows is a paid OS for which you have to pay fee on regular basis to the company.

The brand name: Linux is not owned by anyone. It is developed and updated by users on open platform. Therefore no one take the responsibility of this OS. But on the other hand, Windows is a renowned brand name that is most sort after. The reliability and credibility associated with Windows cannot be matched with others. There is a strong team of experts who take the responsibility of any mis happenings.

Reboot: Linux OS does not require rebooting which results in work without any disruptions. But Windows has to come a long way as it is still grappling with this issue.

Make an informed decision as your business needs the best.