Means of Slitting point of Mild Steel Strips.

This is actually the procedure of reducing strips of sizes that are different from a hot-rolled steel coil. In this technique, width of the pieces range from 47/48 millimeters and thickness of 1.0 millimeters for producing 1-2 millimeters by 12 millimeters square hollow sections to width of 670 mm and depth of 5.9 millimeters to 6.0 millimeters in making 175 millimeters by 175 millimeters square hollow sections or 200 millimeters by 150 millimeters rectangular hollow sections. For this Uncoiler  Slitting Line procedure, the hot-rolled mild steel coil is included in A6 to 10 tone-package with a breadth of 1200 millimeters to 1300 millimeters.


Stuff needed for the procedure are- slitting line device, over-head crane, weighing scale, micro-meter screw gauge, 3 meter steel tape as well as the mild steel hot rolled coil. Ahead of the process begins the coil is visually checked for deformities, which is dent edges, burrs, elongations, lamination. It should likewise be checked for provider tolerance on mechanical properties; depth and breadth. In the event the coil is okay are welded off departing the one which might hold the coil avoiding it before loading it in the slitting line machine, or uncoiling. The coil is then put in the slitting line device together with the help of an overhead crane as well as on to the slitting point automobile at the Slitting Line fresh.

At this time the machine is switched on, the coil is pressed ahead utilizing gas pressure and elevated up to be sandwiched by cone-shaped mandrel of the dish drums that straightens them. The machine is switched back on as well as the blades were passed through by the stuff. As the process continues, the pieces are transferred where the separator rotating shaft is employed to avoid the pieces from intermingling to the mandrel that straightens them. As the process proceeds, rate is slowly increased to permit easy flow . The clutch in the principal Slitting Line push is released to ensure the procedure is continuous.